Top 11 Activewear Ecomm Trends in 2022

We can’t get enough of activewear. It only seemed like yesterday that it was confined to the New York mums grabbing almond lattes to now becoming one of this decades biggest, full blown fashion trends.

We shoot a lot of activewear at XO and have noticed the latest trends emerge this year and have compiled our best 11 must know Activewear Ecommerce Trends for you.

Hopefully, this article will spark some outfit inspo or new ways to approach your visual imagery.

If you see anything you’d like to explore, please reach out and take advantage of a free half  consult with one of our producers to talk all things your ecommerce.

1. Colour Trends

Colour trends have been some of the fastest-changing trends and as quick as the bold bright colours came in we are now seeing them head out.

So what’s next? Well, we have seen an increase in more neutral coloured colourama’s and usage of skin tones.

As more brands are wanting to express their views on sustainability we have seen a shift in their style of E commerce photography. This more natural and organic style uses warmer tints, textures and natural lighting.

At XO studio we provide an extensive range colourama backdrops to help you discover the perfect colour tone for your brand.

2. Shape & Shadow

This year we have seen a big trend with brands experimenting with hard light to create much crisper and stronger shadows with their Ecommerce Photography.

This has brought a whole new dimension to their imagery with crisp shadows and enhanced detail. We believe that this style of light source will really help brands get noticed and is guaranteed to turn heads.

At XO studio we are never afraid of developing new visual elements that makes you stand out and get noticed.

3. Warehouse Location

We all know that a warehouse location is aesthetically pleasing and oozes cool for any brand but the reality of any warehouse shoot can involve lots of time sourcing, renting lighting, cleaning, and of course moving huge amount of equipment.

At XO we have designed the studio to be the perfect balance of a New York warehouse and a state of the art photography studio. Space and natural lighting are in abundance with six giant defused windows spread over 360 square meters. We also have onsite a full range of photography studio lighting. 

This unique space comes with all the luxury amenities and technology for you and your team to make yourself at home. 

4. Celebrating Diversity

We believe that this just might be the most important step forward for any brand in 2021. This is your chance to celebrate diversity and express your brand’s values in your visual imagery and video content.

With so many brands making their mark with creative and diverse content we hope that this isn’t a trend but a step forward for everyone.

We have seen a big increase in homepage videos that celebrate diversity alongside the brand. Not only do these videos captivate any new visitor but they showcase the brand products in a much more creative and diverse way. 

5. Nature Inspired

As we have seen the trend in natural skin tone backdrops, we have also seen a trend in nature-inspired props and lighting.

Some brands are using botanics and natural textures to help tell their brand’s story and reflect their values through the photography style. We have also seen an increase in creative shadowing that gives the effect of natural sunlight shining through the leaves of a tree. Authenticity and honesty is the overriding message.

If you are wanting to experiment with your creative briefs we are very lucky to have some of Melbourne’s finest stylists on our team. Not only this but we also have an aesthetically pleasing and breathtaking studio that provides natural diffused light for beautiful photos all year round. 

6. Mini Campaign

We have seen a large increase in our clients wanting to combine a campaign styled shoot with their E commerce shoot day. It’s an easy way for our clients to save time, energy and money by utilising the time with our XO team.

At XO Studios we have recently updated our services and now offer a half day ‘Mini-Campaign’ shoot. This session includes:

XO Creative Strategy Consultation
XO Studio Rental in Studio
XO Professional Photographer
XO Professional Stylist
XO Make-Up Artist
XO Professional Photo Retouching 

7. Consistency

We know that consistency is one of the most important factors when growing a brand. By combining all of your creative needs not only saves you time but also saves you money. This also allows us to be more streamlined and efficient with your work and provide that high level of consistency your brand deserves. 

8. Combining Photography and Video

We all know the statistics that videos receive twice the engagement and attention on social media. It is no surprise that we are seeing an increase in clients combine both video and photography into their E-commerce shoots.

At XO Studio we make this seamless for our clients with our team of talented filmmakers and photographers. Not only do we find this saves our clients energy and time it’s also a way of them saving money by combining the two shoots into one in our multipurpose space. Twice the engagement and twice the amount of content. 

9. Creative Group Shots

We have seen a big increase with brands shooting that all-important group shot for their website homepage. It allows brands to not only showcase as many products as possible but also express their values. 

At XO Studios we make sure we capture all those essential images and plan for those tricky image ratios. We have found more brands are adding a mini-campaign shoot onto their eCommerce shooting day. This allows the XO team to show off their skills and capture something truly unique for your homepage design. 

10. Mid Grey

Of course High Key types of photography has its place and we not saying that it’s going anywhere. However we have seen an increase in brands wanting a low key mid grey background. Why?

Well some brands feels this style of photography gives a more editorial look while others feel it provides a more sporty look. What ever your preference XO studios are experts in archiving the perfect look and style to help showcase your active wear. 

11. Express yourself

Have photoshoots just become more fun or are we seeing brands deliberately experimenting with genuine expressions?

With more brands capturing genuine expressions on a shoot we have seen an increase in smiles, laughter, and joy in E-commerce photography. We have heard some brands have seen an increase in sales with the introduction of this style but they have also seen a shift in the way clients are interacting with them.

Yes, more smiles, more laughter, and much more emojis! 

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