Melbourne's best photography studio & production house.

Beautiful warehouse studio and production house specialising in product photography and motion.

XO professional photography services handle ecommerce, campaign, motion and social media content creation.

Studio hire available 7 days a week.

Product photography

Great ecommerce photography is about creating imagery that converts into sales. Images that will enhance your website, print catalogue and social media.

XO combines 35 years of professional experience for one aim – to help grow your business.

Production House

Our multipurpose space and end to end service makes every job easy.

Whether large or small, XO can cover every aspect of a brief to ensure it is delivered on time and to budget.

Photography Studio Hire

Our large multipurpose Melbourne warehouse offers numerous shooting and set building options.

We’re here to provide whatever you need to ensure you achieve your desired result. No ask is too much, from the smallest request to the biggest. Whatever you need, we’ll get it done.

Our Story

After working in London and shooting in some of the world’s best studios, XO co-founder, photographer Paul Philipson returned to Melbourne in 2015 with a clear vision of what was missing in the industry here.

It was a big vision. Firstly, to create one of Australia’s premier studios based on what he’d experienced in London. The second part was to develop a business that could cater to the growing needs of multi-purpose content that brands need.

He had everything necessary for the first part – but quickly realised that the vision required a high degree of digital skill.

This is where his old friend Seamus Ashley came in. Seamus brought fifteen years of design experience alongside ten years of ecommerce experience. His in-depth understanding of online stores, inventory, optimisation and digital workflows was the perfect match.

Both had firsthand experience of the issues that develop when a company doesn’t pursue a solid visual identity. Both are passionate about helping brands grow through effective visual content.

After months of searching for a suitable space, they found a large warehouse in Brunswick East, the perfect mix of industrial meets modern studio.

XO was born.

8 years passed quick