Footwear Photography Trends for 2022

Colour Trends

Colour trends have been some of the fastest-changing styling in footwear, and as quick as the bold, bright colours came in, we are now seeing them head out.
So what’s next for the colour palette? There has been an increase in more neutral coloured colouramas and almost skin tones used. As more brands want to express their views on sustainability, we have seen a shift in product photography. This more natural lighting and organic style have warmer tints and textures.

Nature Inspired

As we have seen the trend in backdrops that complement natural skin tone, more styling with nature-inspired props and lighting is also growing in popularity.

Brands use botanicals and natural textures in their creative brief to help tell their story and reflect their values through the photographic style.

We have also seen an increase in creative shadowing that gives the effect of natural lighting – sunlight shining through the leaves of a tree, for example.

This form of styling, natural lighting, and tones cultivate a brand awareness connected to transparency, authenticity, and honesty.

Shape and Texture

We see a big trend with brands experimenting with hard light and textured props in the set design. This brings a new dimension to the image with sharp, crisp shadows.

Combined with geometric shapes and different textures like concrete or stone. This results in beautiful photos when executed well.


Many brands experience consistency issues with their product photography and e-commerce in general. This can occur when using multiple contractors or when shoot settings haven’t been recorded.

We believe that consistency and a congruent aesthetic are essential factors when growing a brand. Consistency issues are overcome with good project management, accurate recording of shoot settings, and/or a good production house. In the end, this saves money and allows content to be more streamlined and efficient, with far less spent on fixing mistakes.

High Key

High Key photography is an old favourite and always works when executed correctly. Nothing is as effective for that fresh, clean look that professional high-key photography brings. Some of our clients have faced issues with their high key photography in the past, with blown-out detail in the footwear or a flat overall look. Good high key photography requires professional technical skills to nail those stunning results with images that really ‘pop’ yet retain all their detail and texture.

Creative Approach

We have seen a rising trend in more creative briefs with an editorial feel to E-commerce and product photography. Whether with posing, styling, or set design, all offer a more extensive range of perspectives.


We have seen a large increase in our clients wanting to combine a campaign styled shoot with their E commerce shoot day. It’s an easy way for our clients to save time, energy and money by utilising the time with our XO Photography team.

At XO Studios we have recently updated our services and now offer a half day ‘Mini-Campaign’ shoot. This session includes:

  • XO Creative Strategy Consultation
  • XO Studio Rental in Studio
  • XO Professional Photographer
  • XO Professional Stylist
  • XO Make-Up Artist
  • XO Professional Retouching ( per image cost )

360 Degree Photography

One of the best ways to highlight shoes is through 360 photography. It enables customers to interact with all aspects of footwear. We’ve had years of experience with 360 photography and can achieve any desired framerate.

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