Ecommerce FAQs

Please find some answer below to commonly asked questions. If you still can’t find what you need, please contact us directly.

Although we encourage a creative approach to e-commerce, these shots are typically more methodical and require little adjustments between shots/products (no significant changes in lighting, camera angle or styling). A campaign image is everything beyond this.

This is largely dependent on the product itself and the style of e-commerce chosen. As a rough guide however, we can capture 20-30 products in a half-day booking and 50-60 in a full-day. For a more accurate estimate, simply submit an enquiry and we will provide you an approximation based off of your requirements.

We advise to allocate 7 days for image turn-over. With this said however, file delivery is often much faster and we offer express retouching services if required.

For any first-time client, we strongly encourage attending the first shoot. This gives you an opportunity to understand our process and make minor adjustments if required. This however, is not a requirement. 

No. You are always more than welcome to employ any of your staff/contacts for any shoot.
Models are sourced/quoted on a case-by-case basis. For e-commerce however, standard pricing is between $150 – $250/hour.

As much or as little as you like. If you prefer an end-to-end service whereby we coordinate everything from couriering your products – website integration, this is something we provide. If you would prefer to manage some elements/roles yourself however, you are welcome to.

There are many ways to achieve creative/unique e-commerce that is also cost effective. As a rule of thumb however, the more you limit the changes between shots (camera angle, lighting, amount of angles, styling etc), the more the cost will be minimised. If you would like to find ways of making your e-commerce more cost effective, simply give us a call.

As standard, XO Studios retains copyright to all images. In regards to image usage/rights, the following comes inclusive with all bookings:
– Unlimited online digital usage
– Unlimited magazine usage, excluding re-sale to alternative vendors
Clients are also more than welcome to purchase the rights to the images should they wish to.